1. Daily routines solution

    During my day I have a lot of 8–12 minutes time intervals when I’m alone, I have my iPad / iPhone and online.

    I should inbox zero my Mail, Drafts and OmniFocus during this periods.

    1. Doing every day so I will never miss anything important.
    2. Doing it quick, I have limited time so I can’t afford start worrying about items, I have to assign the project and context.
    3. Doing in strict order Mail, Drafts, OmniFocus. Every item will end in OmniFocus, most trustable and reviewable tool.
    4. Don’t do it when hanging out with other person. It’s unpolite and contr-productive.
    5. If I got an item with real deadline, I should set it in OmniFocus.
    6. If during cleaning inbox I got new item on top, I will ignore it until tomorrow.
    7. If an item is a doable action with 2 minutes max duration, I should do it.
  2. Let’s Make Web and Native Apps Work Together

    Every company that have web and native app should promote native. Safari smart banner is perfect tool.

    Tumblr mobile web site goes further. This is the best practice. Don’t just point the user to your native app. Keep your user in a flow by transfering data alongside.

    iOS Safari screenshot with a Tumblr post

    Still, this is not good enough. By tapping link in web app you should transfer not just a link to a specific data to open this data in native app. Web app should transfer the progress that already was made. For example, list from a shopping cart.

  3. Wolf! Right here and now!
    — Peter Straub & Stephen King — The Talisman
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    Steve Ballmer, 2007:

    Right now we’re selling millions and millions and millions of phones a year. Apple is selling zero phones a year.

    Steve Ballmer, a few months later:

    It’s sort of a funny question. Would I trade 96% of the market for 4% of the market? (Laughter.) I want to have…

  5. If you want to be creative you shouldn’t use your brain as a whiteboard
    — Merlin Mann
  6. You won’t even realize how many stuff in your mind until you make a list
    — Merlin Mann
  7. Why does my iced coffee taste so bland?

    It’s probably diluted with too much melted ice. Brew it more strongly and chill it before serving — never pour hot coffee over ice.

    The ice should only be used to keep it cold, not to make it cold.

    — Marco Arment
  8. Productivity is giving yourself permission to do something cool and don’t looking back.
    — Merlin Mann
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    Little Celebration

    iTunes Store Podcasts Banner

    My top 5:

    1. ATP
    2. Back To Work
    3. The Prompt
    4. Identical Cousins
    5. Core Intuition

    This little celebration is unusual. Podcasts popularity is not spreading as quickly as social networking. Apple has no profit from podcasts and no expense either. That’s the reason Apple do not care about podcasting a lot. Which is fine, because what’s making Fruit Company tick is a great focus on few things.

  10. Image Comics announced that it will now sell all of its digital comics as downloadable via its website for both desktop and mobile users — making it the first major American comics publisher to offer readers DRM-free digital versions of comics.


    I’m using Comixology for more then a year. Few days ago I realised that I really don’t own all comics I bought. I only have a license to read them from only one app.

    Now think, what if?

    1. New Comixology app update will make it look/work terrible.
    2. You want to give a comic to your friend.
    3. Comics you bought will be pulled out from Comixology store because disagreement with publisher or App Store will go after it.
    4. You want to back up your data.

    In all this cases you’re in trouble. Good news, The Walking Dead and Saga publisher — Image Comics already selling DRM-free comics.

    Prices not so good. Saga issue is $2.99 VS $1.99 in Comixology and You can not buy bundles yet. But I encourage you to buy DRM-free products.